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13 Reasons Why is very close to getting confirmed for Season 2. The news comes from THR who says a writing team was assembled a couple weeks ago for the series. The news doesnt come as a huge surprise as the series has sparked lots of controversy and debate since its debut, and that usually means lots of people are watching it. It also seems kind of obvious the show would get a second season considering some of the cliffhangers left in the finale that I wont get into if you havent seen it yet. In a recent interview with the outletBrandon Flynn, who plays Justin in the series, he talks about some of the controversy surrounding the series saying:

"Alisha Boe (who plays rape victim Jessica) and I saw the New York Times article, which mentioned glorifying suicide. Thats a very easy way of not talking about it. Television is meant for entertainment, but I dont think suicide is glorified. Im not sure what they see in someone cutting their wrists as glorification. Alisha and I have talked the response [the show received] from certain fans who said watching our show saved their life. They have talked about the problems theyve had with self-mutilation, self-harm and addiction and how watching the show made them realize they have a life to live and that they mattered. That has really hit me."

Are you excited to see 13 Reasons Why get a 2nd season? Does the show shift away from Hannah now that theyve extensively covered her death? 

">13 REASONS WHY Likely To Get A Season 2